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Monday, July 26, 2010


Time to write my Project Paper. For proposal must ready to Research Methodology.
The Title: The Awareness of Halal Foods Product Among College Student.

my lecture proceed this topic. After i meeting with supervisor,
he say: " Ok, you can do it. You have Dependent Variable (DV) and Independent Variable (IV).

So, I drawing my frame work..
But i must read the article.

First Article about: Shaping the Halal into brand? by Jonathan A.J Wilson and Jonathan Liu.

The purpose of this paper is to review current literature and practices concerning (berkaitan) the usage (penggunaan, adat kebiasaan) and consumption (penggunaan) of halal, within marketing and branding. Following this, the paper is to both stimulate (mendorong)discussions and encourage (mengalakkan) further thinking within in this field.

Design/ Methodology/approach- the paper uses inductive reasoning and syllogisms, as a basis for conceptual metophor theory and critical discourse analysis. Evidence gathered from structured and systematic literature reviews-suppoerted by existing emprical data, enecdotal evidence, persenol observations and experience ai also used.

Finding- in business, the doctrine (fahaman, ajaran) of what halal, has culminated (berakhir dgn, kemuncak) in the creation of ingredient brands and in some cases forms (bentuk, gaya) of co-branding. However, the Halal's full potential has yet to be harnessed (kawal + guna) and there remain (tinggal, baki) areas of dissonance (kesumbangan, kecanggahan) and misunderstanding. Reason offered by the outhors are that current applications of brand theory unnecessarily (tidak semestinya) restrict (menghad, menyekat) the term Halal and presuppose (mengadaikan, membayangkan)that there is one interpretation (tafsiran)of its meaning. Also, instead (sebaliknya, gantinya)of current trends which focus on rate determining steps within functional marketing approaches (mendekati)per se, Halal's competitive advantage is of more significance when delivered via the tacit elements of strategy and management.


What Deduction/ Quantitative?

The process Theory
-> Hypothesis -> Data collection (get from lecture,manager) -> Findings -> Hypothesis confirm / rejected -> Revision of theory

Eg: Use SPSS, Survey, Figure Number, Descriptive, (bias)

Observation/ Finding -> Theory
Get information -> ask Questions -> Form Categories -> Look for patterns -> Develop theory -> Compare theory.

Eg: Secondary data (Library Collection), Observation, Word, Document, Content Analysis, Research Instrument. Will be bias but should be handle, Listen.

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